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NEW GEO Radius Search 2.5.5 Released

GRS-2.5.5Finally after much effort the GEO Radius Search extension for Joomla has reached a major milestone of stability and release of new user requested features. This release has been a major achievement for us with a complete redesign of the code, bug fixes, performance enhancements and more. We tried to release this on several earlier deadlines but each time we needed to go back to the drawing board since in the lovely world of software development when you fix one thing it often breaks something else and of course with the moving target of the CMS and Google libraries and Extensions changing these often makes the process challenging.

We can confidently say that “GEO Radius Search is the most comprehensive GEO mapping and navigation solution for Joomla CMS.” Come experience the unmatched power of the ZOO cck framework, linking to the rich features of Google maps and our unique Radius Search and results display engine. You can now deliver flexible and expandable GEO enabled web applications with the Joomla CMS that is only limited by your imagination.

How can we help you achieve greater success?

We are committed to helping you be successful with your Joomla implementation and use of our GEO Radius Search extensions. With most of the compatibility issues behind us we can develop version 3 without distraction and you should also find us more responsive to tickets in our support system.

Remember, extension specific support with your active subscription is free but if you have more complex or incompatibility issues or general problems with your Joomla site, need to upgrade or require custom solutions our team is also available to provide hourly project and technical support.

Thanks to our worldwide user base we have collected diverse use cases to make this release of 2.5.5 the most stable and feature rich release yet. In addition to several new user driven features and a lot of tweaks and bug fixes, we have upgraded our migration script for legacy users to help them upgrade and migrate to the latest versions of Joomla.

Everyone should plan to upgrade to the Joomla CMS v3 series.

GEO Radius Search works best with the latest versions of Joomla, ZOO and the ZL Framework. When you are upgrading to the latest Joomla 3.x it is important that you also upgrade your installation of ZOO and if you are using the ZL Framework and ZOOlanders extensions you also need to make sure all of these are updated to the latest versions. One of our new features is a version verification to help make this process easy for you.

Note for upgrading ZOO: We have found that to avoid problems with repopulating field elements in ZOO do not update sample data. Some folks have lost configuration settings and this adds more work that can be avoided.

New Features in GEO Radius Search 2.5.5:

  • Core code was optimized significantly for performance, scalability and future enhancements
  • Installation files reduce in size for faster download and installs
  • Updated auto fill libraries for improved accuracy
  • Added measurement type front end selector (Miles or Kilometers) for international applications
  • Version checker for ZOO to verify and test for version compatibility
  • Enable disable that front end measurement selector on individual models
  • New css for results grid and items display
  • Improved mobile support – better display on more mobile devices
  • Improved support for ZL Framework (Zoolanders)
  • Improved migration script for ZooRadius to GEO Radius
  • Improved Cache management
  • Added Google Maps api4 support
  • Increased default number of lines in scrolling lists (will be parameter setting in the future)
  • New Pop-ups for Print and email options
  • Updated Cluster Libraries for info box lables
  • Fixed amount of columns and items per page selectors
  • Fixed bug related to bad formatting inside results popup when using Zoolanders
  • Fixed an error message that sometimes showed on that results popup
  • Fixed map display tab options
  • Fixed issue with duplicate address listings not displaying markers – created marker offset
  • Fixed map subscribe from filter issue for module linking
  • Fixed Auto fill feature
  • Fixed Map Display Image feature for overlays
  • Resolved drag and drop conflict in results templates (Requires latest version of ZL Framework)
  • Fixed maker not auto closing in map when repositioning
  • Removed next / prev buttons from results page when there are no results
  • Improved user interface options and style manager –
    • parameters for resizing map
    • Radius indicators
    • Distance indicators
  • Icon Libraries – some internal and links to collections
  • Improved documentation and help text in the UI.
  • Admin options for advanced category level management
    • Parameters for selecting the number of allowed sub categories
    • Options for how sub categories are handled beyond set max level
  • Support for JomSocial events and profiles

Bug fixes:

Design changes:

Feature Roadmap for future Releases:

Version 2.5.x:

Version 3.0:

Remember if you have an idea for a new feature we welcome your suggestions and will do our best to accommodate these as supported features in a future release or we can build custom solutions for you.

Find it faster on a map!

GEO Radius Search 2.5 for ZOO (Formerly known as ZOO Radius Search) is the most comprehensive Geo Mapping tool available for ZOO and soon with the next scheduled release of the Radius Search 3.x series it will expand its features to support events and contacts in JomSocial (the most popular suite Community Building Tools for Joomla).

GEO Radius Search 2.5 for ZOO turns your Joomla ZOO Application into an amazing Googlemap mashup. Version 2.5 of GEO Radius Search for ZOO has added many new features that make this one of the most dynamic and powerful components available for Geo mapping, radius filtering and navigation of your content. Every one can agree that ZOO is a fantastic content creation kit for Joomla. Joomla! sites powered with ZOO provide virtually unlimited potential for creating any type of web application.Now with GEO Radius Search it has gone a step further.

Joomla! CMS with ZOO and GEO Radius Search mapping tools offer everything you need to fuel success with your business or to effectively communicate. Geo Radius Search for ZOO allows you to develop customized maps featuring complex search and filter criteria of your Zoo content. Allows your users the possibility of searching on multiple categories, elements or radius distance and much more. GEO Radius Search for ZOO comes with modules for complete flexibility of configuration and layout on your Joomla web site.

The possibilities are enormous! Your maps will look great with easy marker styling, tooltip popups and a new results page that allows you to paginate records like never before. Much like video has transformed the internet for capturing and retaining customers geo maps are connecting data and improving navigation in a way that significantly improves your users experience, increases your potential conversion rate and makes your site more engaging. Now you can really give your users and clients the best in real mapping technology thanks to the new GEO Radius Search tools.

The component has international features such as imperial measurements, miles and yards as well as metric measurements with meters and kilometers!



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  • Simple installation
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Powerful searching
  • Customizable Icons
  • ... much more!
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