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GEO Radius Search for ZOO (Formerly known as Zoo Radius) is a powerful mapping and search tool developed to help you get the most out of your Zoo applications. This exciteng NEW GEO Mapping extgension for ZOO and Joomla allows you to assign icons to categories and categories to maps, while allowing amazing interactivity from the front end through the dynamic search and filtering interface.

With this powerful capability you can improve your user experience and in many applications GEO mapping can be the primary search and navigation feature for users to access your content.

The administrator is able to provide complete control over the configuration of the items rendered in the map, while the end user can create custom searches from the frontend using item elements to further refine their search. To make this even more useful, the user has the capacity to perform a proximity based search on their chosen location. Built to work with the latest Google Maps API V3, this user friendly component takes it a step further with trafic reports and other stats available specifically to your API Key. You can also include as many custom maps as you need in your site as well as lists of all available maps. There is nothing that can't be found with GEO Radius Search!

Please note : GEO Radius Search requires Zoo to be installed with an operational app instance. In order to use the powerful radius search functionality the app instance used must include a #ZOO Google Maps element. GEO Radius Search also uses the latest Maps API V3 and you will require an API Key for the component to function. Please consult the tips section in order to get the most joy out of GEO Radius Search.



  • Simple installation
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Powerful searching
  • Customizable Icons
  • ... much more!

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