Publish and Subscribe Module Configuration

BUY-NOWThis landing page "Click here" has three modules assigned to it. Each module instance is configured to have only one of the Map, Filter/Search or Results options turned on. These modules are then assigned to differnt module positions and published to display on this menu item.

In the Module configuration settings (Options Tab > Advanced slider), you will set the filter or map modules to publish and the results module to subscribe. You will then give all of them a common name in the publish/subscribe name field parameter. See screen shot below.

Note: In order for results to show up from the map you need to have a filter option turned on in the map module. Otherwise it will show the default results in the map but not allow you to pass results information to the other subscribed modules. You would only be able to go to the links from the map icons to show details pages.

To test this, select a category in either the filter module or the map filter and you will see the results in the bottom resutes module. You could have multiple linked modules on a display where the filter displayed to the results module while the map displayed to another results module. This demo have both map and filter modules publishing to the same results module.

Note: You may select multiple categories if desired by holding down the control key while selecting items in the category lists.


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