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Fast. Amazing. Beautiful. Maps.

hero small-flyingGEO Radius Search for ZOO extends the functionality of a Zoo based Joomla site by providing amazing searchable maps. The secret is the components ability to provide user defined maps from the frontend based on a powerful search structure. Your Zoo elements become beautiful representations on a map of your definition making it easy for clients to find what they need.

Smart Radius Search

Its simple.  Users enter where they are and GEO Radius Search locates the closest items so users find what they need!

NEW! Publish/Subscribe modules to offer unlimited design and layout options

NEW! Default filter to display results based user location

NEW! Front end toggle of Miles or Kilometers for international users

Powerful searching

Allows users multiple search criteria enabling greater flexibility and better results!

NEW! Multi Catagory Search Filtering

NEW!  Multi-Map filtering: You can now switch between custom map configurations using different ZOO apps

NEW! Optimized code for support of enterprise data collections and faster load times

Custom Icons adn Design

No map will ever look the same! Make it easy for users to identify the information they need by providing custom icons instead of boring pins.

NEW! Default or template CSS parameters for better control of design

NEW! Improved results default layout for nicer look and faster deployment

NEW! Compatible with J2.5 & J3.x and Mobile ready with a fully responsive design

NEW! Smooth loading print and email popups for results lists

Result List Fuction

Making it even easier to manipulate the result list of user searches. Sort by name, element, reverse, random

NEW! Results templates with pagination of records

NEW! Control the number of results and columns to display

NEW! Improved Cache management

NEW! Updated cluster and auto fill libraries

Google API V3 and API V4

Faster, stronger Google Maps Api V3, helps make mobile mapping easy

NEW! Allows admin to select optional API's such as Mapquest, Bing or others.

Updated! Query Cache used on maps to reduce the Google API requests

NEW! API v4 Now allows for use of latest Google Maps API's

Update and Installation Improvments

NEW! Version checker for compatability with ZOO and Zoolanders

NEW! Optimized code reduced installer size for faster download and installation

NEW! Tested for increased compatability with Zoolanders elements


Unlimited Maps

Make a map for every app! Make one for every site! With your subscription you are free to create as you wish

Global Distance Configuration

Serious searching, seriously easy, no matter where you are and what measurement you need

Fast Smart Maps

Get your zoo content visual with this quality mapping component that builds on the strengths of Joomlas favorite CCK

Powerful Result Control

Make it easier for users to gain the information they need with amazing configuration control

Template Management

Powerful results made even better with beautiful output!  Style your maps using the elements of your Zoo Apps

Turbo Charged

Simplicity is the key in providing an administration that allows for quick and easy maps in no time.

Custom Theme Integration

Making it even easier to incorporate your exisitng graphic theme by allowing for custom icons enabling useful, friendly maps your users will love!


See our demo for more information



BUY-NOWPublishing and Subscribing Modules offers flexible layouts.

This landing page has three modules assigned to it. Each module instance is configured to have only one of the Map, Filter/Search or Results options turned on. These modules are then assigned to differnt module positions and published to display on this menu item

In the Module configuration settings (Options Tab > Advanced slider) you will set the Filter or Map modules to publish and the Results module to subscribe. You will then give all of them a common name in the Publish/Subscribe name field parameter. See Screen shot below.

Note: In order for results to show up from the map you need to have a filter option turned on in the map module. Otherwise it will show the default results in the map but not allow you to pass results information to the other subscribed modules. You would only be able to go to the links from the map icons to show details pages.

To test this select a catagory in either the filter module or the map filter and you will see the results in the bottom resutes module. You could have multiple linked modules on a display where the filter displayed to pne results module while the map displayed to another results module. This demo have both Map and filter modules publishing to the same results module.

Note: You may select multiple cataglries if desired by holding down the control key while selecting items in the catagory lists.


The Closest Location feature allows you to have the map adjust to the closest location from your user's location.

Here is how it works; closest-screen-1

1. When you first load the map you are getting your regular default settings to display.


2. Shortly after the page loades, the browser will display a grant access pop up (built into the browser). If the user allows you access to their location information….


(Note: This is a user privacy issue and there is no way to force this permission)

3. The map will auto zoom to the location and display the closest options.


So in my case I live in Assonet MA (USA). The map after a couple seconds will reposition to the US and display the nearest options based on my location at the same zoom set in the default settings.


The results will show the map centered based on my location.

Thclosest-screen-4e way this is enabled is under the map options settings. We also added the Allow mouse Wheel features to be disabled which further improves the user experience.

 Please feel free to test this on the live demo to see how the feature works.

Note: To test this you will need to refresh the map by reloading your browser. As the Browser refreshes the popup will appear.




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